Lead and Copper Rule

clean waterA Brief Overview

The EPA's Lead and Copper Rule is a federal regulation designed to eliminate lead service lines. While lead and copper are naturally occurring elements and can find their way into water sources, they can be harmful if consumed in excess. 

The primary goal of the Lead and Copper Rule is to ensure that drinking water in communities across the United States remains safe and free from contaminants. The rule stipulates that water utilities must work to eliminate lead water lines in their distribution systems.

How Does this Affect You and Your Water?

As part of this initiative, the Town must identify the materials used in all the customer service lines in the water supply system before Oct. 16, 2024. Customer service lines are the water lines owned and maintained by the customer. Customer service lines are located on the customer’s property and connect to the Town’s water mains.  

Attention: Based on our historical knowledge of the Town of Clayton's water supply system, we do not anticipate that we will uncover lead service lines during this process. This initiative is a precautionary measure to ensure ongoing transparency and community involvement in maintaining Clayton's water quality.

Identification Methods

The Town will use one of three methods to identify the material type of customer service lines:
  • Existing records and data 
  • Customer self-assessment and survey
  • In-person inspection by Town staff  

Existing Records and Data 

Buildings constructed in Clayton after 1988 are extremely unlikely to have lead service lines, as lead was banned through an amendment to the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1986. If you are a Clayton water customer and your home was built in 1988 or prior, a self-assessment or in-person inspection will be required.

Customer Self-Assessment and Survey

As responsible stewards of our community's well-being, the Town of Clayton encourages customers to participate in the process of maintaining safe drinking water. In line with this, we request that you perform a simple self-assessment of the water lines within your property. This assessment aims to identify the materials used in your water lines—whether they are made of lead, copper, galvanized pipe, or PVC/plastic. 

Your participation in this assessment is a valuable contribution to our collective efforts in ensuring water quality. While we firmly believe that Clayton's water supply system is lead-free, this proactive approach serves as an additional layer of assurance and transparency for our residents. 

This video serves as a guide on how to identify the type of material used in a water service line.

PART 1: Perform the Self-Assessment 

Performing the self-assessment is straightforward and requires only a few simple steps: 

  • Locate the water pipes entering your property. 
  • Carefully inspect the pipes to determine their material— lead, copper, galvanized pipe, or PVC/plastic. You can perform a scratch test, like demonstrated in the video.  
  • If you are unsure about the material, you may seek assistance from the Town of Clayton Water Resources Department. 
  • Watch the video for a self-assessment demonstration.

PART 2: Reporting Your Findings 

Once you have determined the material of your water pipes, we kindly request that you report your findings by completing the survey on this page. Please note, if lead is discovered during a self-assessment, the Town will replace the affected service lines.    

SURVEY LINK: ClaytonNC.org/ServiceLineReport

This information will help us maintain accurate records of the distribution system and ensure that our Town’s water supply remains free from lead-related concerns. 

Rest assured, your participation in this self-assessment will greatly contribute to the overall safety and quality of Clayton's drinking water. Together, we can continue to uphold the high standards of water quality that our community deserves. 

For any further questions or assistance, please feel free to reach out to the Town’s Water Resources Department. Your commitment to safeguarding our water supply is deeply appreciated. 

Thank you for your unwavering support in this essential endeavor. 

In-Person Inspection by Town staff  

The Town of Clayton's Water Resources Department will be conducting a comprehensive assessment of water lines within various residential properties, local businesses, and facilities across the town. This assessment is a proactive step to ensure the continued quality and reliability of our water supply system. The assessment process will involve a thorough examination of water lines, including those located within yards and under sidewalks. 

Potential Excavation 

In some cases, the assessment may require town staff to excavate water lines situated within yards or beneath sidewalks. We understand that this might cause temporary inconvenience, and we want to assure you that these measures are essential to ensure the safety and quality of your water supply. If lead is discovered, the Town will replace the affected service lines.  

Individual Notifications: Your Convenience and Peace of Mind 

We understand the importance of your daily routines, and we are committed to minimizing any disruptions caused by this assessment. Residents and businesses that will be directly impacted by the assessment and excavation will be notified in advance via email (when possible) and door hanger.     

For any further questions or assistance, please feel free to reach out to the Town’s Water Resources Department at 919-553-1530 or opssupport@townofclaytonnc.org. Your commitment to safeguarding our water supply is deeply appreciated.