Fire Inspections

Fire Inspections are based on 1-, 2-, and 3-year cycles.

1-Year: Hazardous, institutional, high-rise assembly. Daycare and Foster care fall into this category. The North Carolina fire code does not cover residential inspections, except for the two mentioned.

2-Year: Industrial, and educational, except for public schools (the county takes care of all schools)

3-Year: Assembly occupancies with an occupant load less than 100, business, mercantile, storage, churches, synagogues, and miscellaneous group "U" occupancies.

Inspection fees are based on square feet, with the minimum charge of $40 for 3,000 feet or less. When applying for Clayton utilities, at that time you will pay the fee for a Fire Inspection, and Customer Service will forward all the information to the Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshall contact number is on the application form, so the owner can call for an inspection. New construction, up-fits to existing businesses, and sprinkler or fire alarm installations that require plans/permits are normally provided Inspection information at the time of permit. If you have any questions concerning inspections, fire codes, or if an inspection is required, call the Fire Marshal's office at 919-553-1577. The Fire Marshal only covers the Town of Clayton city limits and ETJ. Outside of these areas, inspections are performed by Johnson County Inspections, and their number is 919-989-5060.

  1. David Ranes

    Fire Chief

  2. Liz Jernigan

    Executive Assistant

  3. Clayton Fire Department: Station 1

    Physical Address
    325 W Horne Street
    Clayton, NC 27520

    Emergency Phone: 911

  4. Clayton Fire Department: Station 2

    Physical Address
    800 NC Highway 42 E
    Clayton, NC 27527