Common Code Violations

  1. Common Planning Code Violations
  2. Common Nuisance Code Violations

Common Planning Code Violations

Each year, the Planning Department responds to numerous inquiries pertaining to potential land use violations. In most cases, investigation of code violations happens when a citizen reports a potential violation.

Examples of violations include construction/demolition, landscaping maintenance, building misuse and inappropriate parking and signage violations. The types of violations that are typically reported include:

  • Addition of Dwelling Unit(s) without Planning Department Approval
  • Addition of Accessory Structure without Planning Department Approval
  • Expansion of Non-Conforming Use
  • Opening a Business without Planning Department Approval
  • Illegal Advertising Sign
  • Illegal Business Sign on Private Property
  • Illegal Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Uses
  • Encroachment into a required setback
  • Operation of Home Business beyond Limitations
  • Removal of Required Landscaping

If you think you know of a potential violation and would like to report it, please call Josh Cotten in the Planning Department at 919-208-1302 or via email at

Unified Development Code

The Planning Department maintains the Unified Development Code, which regulates the 'location' and the 'use' of buildings and land adjacent to streets and sets forth standards for development. All properties under the jurisdiction of the Town's Unified Development Code shall be used only for the uses permitted and in accordance with the regulations established for those uses under the various Zoning Districts.

View the official Unified Development Code to learn more.

Permits & Compliance

No structures shall be constructed, reconstructed, enlarged, altered, or relocated with out obtaining a Zoning Compliance Permit.

Every condition, stipulation, special restriction, and other limitations imposed in actions on building permits or planning approvals, such as conditional uses, variances, etc., shall be complied with.

Failure to comply with any of the previous items without due process and authorization constitutes a violation of the Unified Development Code. Thus, a complaint can be made in regards to any of the above violations. The Planning Department will investigate the complaints and/or refer them to other Town/County departments or agencies for their investigation as deemed necessary.