Will I get a license for my plot/grave?

All persons desiring to purchase a use license for cemetery lots in the town cemeteries shall apply to the Cemetery Official, as appointed by the Town Manager, who, upon approval and payment of the price fixed for each cemetery lot, shall cause the use license therefore to be executed to the purchaser. Cemetery Ordinance 92.01.A.

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1. I need to buy rights to a cemetery plot/grave, what is the first step?
2. What is the cost for a grave?
3. What is the cost to open and close a grave (interment)?
4. When I have selected the plot/grave(s) that I wish to purchase a license for, how can I pay for it?
5. Will I get a license for my plot/grave?
6. Will each grave be marked with a permanent marker?
7. Can I transfer this property to another person or persons?