What exactly does the Finance Department do?

We're the hub of the Town's financial operations and responsible for managing an accounting system that provides full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information, which is the definition of transparency. The primary goal is to provide quality management of the Town's financial resources while continually striving for excellence. The Town's cash flow, grants, investments, debt, payroll, and purchasing functions are managed by the Finance Department. Our role is to provide financial services to taxpayers, vendors, town departments, and employees.

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1. What exactly does the Finance Department do?
2. How do I pay my property and vehicle taxes?
3. Why does the Town of Clayton charge a $30.00 municipal vehicle tax?
4. How can I check on the status of an invoice or payment?
5. How do I become a vendor?
6. Is the Town of Clayton subject to federal and state sales taxes?
7. How are my tax dollars spent?