When are trees pruned?

Our program is on a 3-year cycle, which effectively means 1/3 of the Town's trees are trimmed each year. You can find out when your area will be trimmed (PDF).

Most deciduous trees (non-evergreen) quickly re-grow after they have been pruned. This means the Town of Clayton must prune the trees over and over again, as they re-encroach upon the lines. The length of time depends on the amount of clearance obtained at the time of tree work, the rate of tree growth and the amount of tree-line clearance to be maintained at all times. This in turn depends on tree species, tree size, local site conditions and the ever-changing weather from year to year. The less clearance obtained, the more frequently the tree must be pruned. It may seem that obtaining less clearance more often would be healthier for the tree, but that is not necessarily the case, according to international arborists. It is a trade-off between more, smaller cuts more frequently, or fewer, larger cuts less often. There is not a universal answer, and the Town of Clayton feels we've set up a tree maintenance cycle that finds balance between the reliability of the power lines and the health and esthetics of our town's trees.

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1. When are trees pruned?
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