Town of Clayton Water Reclamation Program

Our Water Reclamation History

The town's current wastewater treatment plant, with a history spanning 55 years, is approaching obsolescence. The limitations of the existing site, characterized by insufficient space for substantial improvements or expansions, and its inability to accommodate the rising demands of regional growth, necessitate a transformative solution. 

The town's newest addition, under construction wastewater treatment facility represents a significant step forward, not only in terms of capacity but also environmental conscientiousness. This modernized facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art processes and cutting-edge equipment, tailored to align with the requirements of our growing local business sector and the expanding needs of our community. 


Progress at the Sam’s Branch WRF has moved along nicely with the completion of all the round tanks (including setting the domes on top), erecting structural steel for various structures, pouring concrete for the Headworks, Bioreactor (BNR), and Influent Pump Station (IPS), and placing structural block and roof on the Administration Building. Thalle Construction, the General Contractor for the project, hit a major milestone when the IPS structure was poured and hydraulic tested to hold water. The structure passed the test and now subsequent linework and backfill of the large pit can resume. The concrete subcontractor, Donley’s, has placed 9,000 cubic yards of concrete to date, which equates to roughly 36,000,000 pounds of concrete and rebar. The Administration Building, built by Muter Construction, has progressed with the construction of the interior walls, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. Once the split-faced block arrives, masons will finish the façade of the Administration Building. Roberts, the Electrical subcontractor, placed electrical duct bank sitewide and has begun terminating the conduits in the Electrical Building South (one of the two electrical buildings for the project).

In the coming months, the BNR structure, which is the largest of the project, will be completed and hydraulic tested. Following a successful test, process piping will be installed in the structure. We will see Muter continue to go vertical with structural steel and block on the two-story Thickening and Dewatering Building. Thalle pipe crews will continue to install yard piping that will convey the wastewater to the different treatment structures. Roberts will continue to place electrical duct bank and associated work in the two electrical buildings.

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