Clayton Riverwalk on the Neuse Greenway Bridge Replacements

The Town of Clayton will be replacing the three bridges located along the Clayton Riverwalk on the Neuse Greenway near Riverwood at the start of next year.  

Construction is expected to begin in January 2023 and should be completed no later than May 2023.  

The contractor for the project, Crowder Construction Company, has begun some preliminary work in the area, so visitors to this portion of the greenway will notice some additional signage and erosion control measures already in place.  

To minimize the impact of this project on the community, Town staff are working with the neighboring Riverwood Athletic Club HOA to create a temporary detour while the bridges are replaced. The route of the recommended detour will be displayed at both of the main closure points on the greenway. A portion of the detour does include travel along a low-traffic neighborhood road, so the public is encouraged to exercise caution while accessing the detour.  

All three of the bridges being replaced have reached the end of their useful life. Their replacement is necessary to maintain a safe greenway.  

Detour Route Map: 

Bridge Detour Map

Existing Bridges 2022:

bridge replacement 8bridge ereplacement 5

New bridge style example:


Existing bridge demolition is complete.  The project is on track for May 2023 completion!

Clayton Demo PIcs - Bridge 3


Clayton Demo PIcs - Bridge 3-1


One Bridge has been placed.  The other two bridges will be placed by the end of March.  The project is on track for May 2023 completion!