Who Do I Call?

Use this quick reference guide to get to the correct person faster!

Electrical Emergencies: 

Call 911 or 919-553-1530

Call 919-553-5002 for:

Call 919-553-1530 for:

  • Power Outages - Report a power outage in your area. Please be aware that we may not be able to give you specific answers about why an outage occurred or when it will be restored. There are many factors involved in repairing an outage, but we will work as diligently and quickly as safely possible to get power restored!
  • Street Light/Area Light Outage - Report a street/area light outage. Please have the specific location (there is a number on each pole) and any details, like if the light is completely out or flickering when you call.
  • Street Light/Area Light Installation - Request a street light or area light to be installed on your property. Here is the form you will need to make the request.
  • Request Underground Installation - If you would like to request an underground installation, fill out this form.
  • Trees Touching Power Lines - Please do not attempt to trim trees on or near power lines. Call us, we can determine the best course of action.
  • Request Energy Audit - Our staff can come to your location and help determine the best ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. They may recommend better insulation, a low flow showerhead or many other improvements to help reduce costs and this service is free!
  • Load Management - Get a credit on your monthly bill for participating in this program (PDF) that helps reduce the load during peak hours. You will need to complete this application (PDF).
  • Medical Seal List Request - Request to be placed (PDF) on a "Medical Alert Program" which lets our staff know that someone in your house has a medical necessity for power to remain on.

Call 811 - Before Digging

If you are a Duke Progress Customer (like in the Riverwood Subdivision) call: Duke Progress Energy (customers not on Town billing) at 800-419-6356 or 919-508-5400.